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Discover Card Delivers On Its Sound Brand With Peggy & Patrick

We love Peggy and her crazy antics - this time with Patrick Kane.  We also love how Discover uses music to build their brand identity delivering their signature branded end tag at the end of each commercial.  It's memorable, simple and people hear it over and over again and associate it with the Discover Card brand.  Unlike a sound logo, an end tag has a little more room to run and can express a bit more.  Upbeat, intelligent, with a wink of playful whimsy.  Makes sense for a consumer card and fits perfectly as the little musical dessert for Peggy and his adventures.  Great brand building for the Discover Card brand all around.  We always look forward to more Peggy commercials.   


Wonderful Pistachio Disguises Sound Branding With Honey Badgers and Cats That Play Keyboards

Those nuts at Wonderful Pistachio are at again . . . and this time with the infamous honey badger (above television commercial).  What we find interesting (other than the commercials being funny) . . . They continue to establish their brand by using a playful violin and brush drum end tag / stinger as their mnemonic (ya know, that little sound doodle at the end of their spot after the stock music).      
Gone is their ace composer - the keyboard playing cat from previous campaigns.  Here to stay is a two instrument sound brand communicating simplicity and whimsy with a down home acoustic/organic feel that is consistent with the campaign and brand.  We like this use, and it works well here, moreover, it also shows how different pieces of music can work well together within a multi-spot campaign (and given that the rest of its production music it was likely ok on their budget).  Check out their other videos online here starring Crytsal the Monkey, Kermit The Frog, Angry Birds, Snooki and Mr. Bill too!